the flying ball

The flying ball



Understanding air pressure


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen )


Hayden: The ping pong ball will fall

Pita&Ivan: The ping pong ball would fly.




Ping pong ball

Hair dryer




1.Plug in the hair dryer 

2. Put the ping pong in the middle of the hair dryer

3. Watch what happens when you turn on the power at the lowest, middle and then highest settings..




Hayden: I was surprised with the outcome. The ping pong ball stayed floating in the air. 

Ivan: The ping pong ball stayed in the air unless the air pressure was blocked, e.g. with a hand.

Pita: When we put it on the highest setting the ping pong ball was sent higher and it was harder to balance the ball and stop it from falling.




Hayden: My Hypothesis was wrong but because it was wrong it ended up being more fun. I guess because the air came out at a certain speed and that kept it up in the air. At a higher setting it probably sent the ball higher and out of the range of the hair drier and so its harder to balance.

Ivan: It probably stayed up because of the constant stream of air, forcing the ball to stay up, like the ball was trying to get away from the wind. The faster an object like a person or a car moves, the harder it is to balance and not fall. 

Pita: The higher setting was going too fast for the ball to be controlled.

One thought on “the flying ball

  1. Hi Hayden, this experiment sounded like it was fun! I love science and the results can often be surprising as you found out! My favourite part is trying to work out why the results are what they are. It really gets your brain working hard. I particularly enjoyed seeing the way you wrote up your experiment. Mahi pai!

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